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Looking for an alternative to your child's current educational environment? Braemar House School is a choice for families when they are looking to build a strong educational foundation with an enriched curriculum in a supportive environment.

Key benefits for students

  • Enriched curriculum means more opportunities for hands-on learning

  • Small class sizes allow for more time and attention from the teacher. Each classroom becomes a close-knit group within the greater school community

  • Focus on the whole student and includes technology, music, gardening, well-being, fitness and more

  • Our students do well. Standardized test scores from October 2022 show most of our students in Grades 3-8 are performing 1.1 grades above their peers in Mathematics, Computation and Estimation; 1.4 grades above their peer group in Writing and 1.3 grades about their peers in Reading.

Come and discover Braemar, a non-denominational independent school in Brantford. We offer Montessori Casa through Grade 8. You'll have the chance to see our classrooms and teachers in action and meet with school administrators.

For more information call 519-753-2929 or email

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