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Our Beginning

In May of 1996 a group of parents met to discuss starting a new private school. They wanted to create an alternative school option in Brant County, with an emphasis on shared values and beliefs. They wanted to create a true partnership between school and home.

In September 1996, Braemar House School opened in the former Cainsville Public School. There were five classrooms, covering Junior Kindergarten to Grade 7.

In early 1997, Braemar House School was incorporated, and obtained not-for-profit status. The first Board of Directors was elected along with an Educational Advisory Committee. In May of 1997 a joint parent and staff committee was established to create necessary policies.

In August 1997, the school was relocated to the former Grand Woodlands Public School on Baxter St. in Brantford, where we remain today. This move allowed for an expansion of the programming offered. September 1998 saw the introduction of the first Grade 8 class.

Over the years, Braemar has continued to grow and develop.  We purchased the building and property at or current location of 36 Baxter Street and have expanded (four modular classrooms), added (food garden, outdoor classrooms) and enhanced the building and grounds.  As well, we have made continued improvements to programming (ex. Arts and IT) and equipment and resources at the school.

As the school has evolved and grown, the founding goals remain cornerstones today.  Braemar provides a different education opportunity, one that challenges children academically, fosters strong character and sparks life-long learning. 

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