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Enhanced Learning

Braemar House School follows the Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Guidelines, but that is just a start. Caring, qualified teachers deliver a comprehensive curriculum,  with a strong emphasis on Language Arts (including early introduction to French), Mathematics, Sciences and Social Studies, and enhanced programming in Information Technology, Physical Education and Health, Drama, Music and Art, all explored in a richer, broader and more independent way.

Our Education Committee reviews all our programming with the intent of ensuring our students receive significantly enhanced and enriched learning experiences.
Teachers are supported and encouraged to introduce material that broadens the curriculum content, integrates other subject matters, promotes problem solving, and includes topics of local interest and importance.

Careful consideration and planning is taken with regards to field trips, special guests, school-wide events and extra-curricular teams and activities to provide inspiring learning opportunities for students.  They are established to support curriculum, and programs are either repeated or changed slightly from year to year to ensure that we are providing the best possible breadth of education for our students.

Canadian Achievement Test 4

We know that the C.A.T. 4 testing, we conduct every fall that our students are doing well. The October 2023 results show our students in Grade 3-8 are preforming 1.5 grades above their peer group in Mathematics, Computation and Estimation; 1.0 grades above their peer group on the category of Writing (Word Analysis, Writing Conventions, Spelling and Vocabulary) and 1.7 grades above their peers in Reading. We then use the detailed analysis per student and class to guide individual and group learning plans and strategies for each student/class.

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