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Admissions Process

We follow an established process of admission to Braemar House School, which begins with a meeting with our Executive Director and Principal and an informative tour of the school.  The school’s admission policy is based on a desire to educate children who are willing learners, and whose behaviour will not disrupt the learning of others.  Our foremost aim is to ensure a happy learning environment for all of our students.


We require the submission of an official application form and supporting documents from past instructors, school grades and other information you feel important in allowing us to ensure a successful placement for your child. We will then arrange for a mutual in-school observation period (two to three days) in the classroom to which your child would be admitted. These Observation Days present a wonderful opportunity for you to assess our programming and for us to assess your child’s strengths and needs. The information gathered from you, your child’s previous school, and the Observation Days is then presented to Braemar’s Education Committee for review. This Committee will offer a recommendation to Braemar’s Board of Directors before a final contract is presented.


Braemar House School admits under two criteria: each Braemar student strives to be a willing and able learner, and no student may be a distraction to the learning of others. These two tenets, coupled with our small class sizes, ensure an optimum learning environment at Braemar.

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