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Wellness Wednesdays

Our Phys Ed teacher, Mrs. Spence and our Yoga teacher, Ms. Sheryl have collaborated to start Wellness Wednesday’s at Braemar!

Every Wednesday until March Break our day will consist of:

- guided Meditation/Breathing during the morning announcements

- quiet music being played in the hallways after afternoon recess

- bowls of fruit are made available to the students in the front hall

- in both yoga and health classes, there will be a focus on ways to help our mind and bodies relax

- teachers are encouraged to do a lesson or activity that focuses on mindfulness

- teachers are encouraged to do class Brain Breaks

- healthy snacks and fruit infused water is available to teachers

If it is a sunny day, the entire school (including all staff) will go outside for some fresh air and sunshine!

With the Winter Blues upon us, this weekly occurrence will help all of us to get through it!





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