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Sneak Peek of the 25th Anniversary Book

Here is a ‘sneak peek’ of the cover of our book to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Braemar House School!

Looking glass is a somewhat old-fashioned, literary way to say "mirror." The word glass on its own can mean "mirror" too, coming from a root meaning "to shine." After Lewis Carroll's book "Through the Looking-Glass," was published in 1871, looking glass came to also mean "the opposite of what is normal or expected,"

Books will be ready before Christmas! It's not too late to reserve your copy today! Email Kristin Pass at

25th Anniversary Book Committee - Annette Minutillo, Kristin Pass, Christina Allwood, Becky Larmer, Stefanie Faria

Thank you for "virtually" working together to make this book a reality!

*Special thanks to Anthony Allwood for creating the front cover.

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